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G. Brunatti & Sons Ltd. has been a family owned and operated business since it was first started by Giacianto (George) Brunatti in 1939.

The company opened its doors on Seguin Street, Parry Sound, offering shoe repair and continued to prosper thoughout the early 1940's during the Second World War.  After the war, the availability of plastics, imports and other materials made the purchase of new shoes much more convenient and affordable, and the shoe repair business began to see a decline in demand for such skills and services.

In the meantime, Giacianto's son, Joseph, had taken a great interest in orthopedic shoes and appliances including back, leg, arm and neck braces.  So the company began developing such products alongside of shoe repairs.

The market began to experience another change following the war.  People were more anxious to spend their disposable income on recreation.  The growth of the cottage and boating industry meant that there was an increase in the demand for the repair and design of boat covers.  People would bring their canvas tops to Brunatti's knowing the company had the industrial sewing machines to make the repairs.

The company eventually out grew its original home of 1,000 square feet on Seguin Street and in 1984 moved to a new location on Pine Drive at the south end of Parry Sound.  This relocation offered the Brunatti company 4,800 square feet in which to operate.  Development and construction plans for Parry Sound's south end gave the Brunatti's an opportunity to sell their Pine Drive building and move to their third location in 2000.  Now located at 85 River Street in Parry Sound, G. Brunatti & Sons Ltd. now functions in its new modern and spacious quarters totaling 6,000 square feet.

G. Brunatti & Sons now manufactures, retails and wholesales a variety of products ranging from boat and automotive covers, to awnings, tarpaulins, portable ice huts, emergency evacuation stretchers and gazebos.  Many products are distributed not only Canada wide, but also world wide!

The company today is managed by Joseph's three sons, David, Paul and John, but their father continues to be a vital part of the operation with his years of experience in design and salesmanship.  G. Brunatti And Sons Ltd. is also very proud of its skilled and experienced staff responsible for many aspects of the company's operations.  The company fosters a family environment and becomes very apparent whether a visit to their plant is your first or your one-hundred and first!

Then in 2006, G. Brunatti & Sons purchased a self storage business next door to their River Street location.  Starting off with 9,000 square feet, today it has grown to 15,000 square feet boasting indoor and outdoor self storage.  See Brunatti Self Storage at http://www.BrunattiStorage.com.

We invite you to explore this web site to learn more about the people, the products and the services offered!

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