The Shademaster

For stylish entertainment under the sun

Quality product with many choices to suite your patio, backyard, or cottage

Relax and enjoy the outdoors under the breathable shade fabric deisgned to cut out over 80% of the harmful UV rays

Accessories Available
The Rainliner is made of clear woven polyethylene and is sewn to the shape of the structure.  It comes down slightly over the eaves to allow the water to run off.

Install the Rainliner under the shade cover for permanent protection or over for occasional use.  Secure the four straps at the bottom of the legs using the four hooks provided.

The Mosquito Net comes with two zipper entrances at opposite ends and a unique sleeve system for easy installation.

Lay netting on the ground with the velcro straps facing outward.  Slide the 1" horizontal poles through each of the four sleeves and join the corner connectors.  Complete the frame assembly with the leg poles installed outside the netting.  Secure the velcro straps in the leg poles.

Great for extra sun and wind protection.  Use one, two, three or even four for total privacy!  Each Side Panel is made of the same material used for the shade cover.  It comes with a sleeve at the top to slide over the 1" horizontal pole and straps at the bottom to secure to the leg poles.

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